COVID-19 Care


As the COVID-19 situation improves in Mitchell County, our care for those who have been affected by the virus continues. 

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, call us at 641-732-6100 to make an appointment for an evaluation and testing. We offer COVID-19 testing Monday through Saturday at our Osage and St. Ansgar Clinic locations. COVID-19 vaccines, including boosters are also available.

Additional Information

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 previously, you may experience side effects from the virus even after initial recovery. This is more commonly called “long-haul Covid.” According to the American Medical Association, 10-30% of individuals who had COVID-19 reported at least one persistent symptom six months after their infection was cleared. Individuals with long-haul COVID may experience varied and chronic symptoms including neurologic, cognitive, cardiopulmonary, constitutional, musculoskeletal, psychiatric, and mobility impairments. 

If you have previously been diagnosed with COVID-19 and believe you may be experiencing lingering effects from the virus, please reach out to one of our providers for an assessment.

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